Take the #pinterestpledge

What is the #pinterestpledge?

It’s a pledge to start loving yourself.

I created the #pinterestpledge before my daughter was born after a harsh realization — my negative body image would not help my daughter learn to love her own body one day. In fact, it would teach her the same bad habits I’ve spent the last 27 years cultivating. Pinterest column photo

Living in social media-filled world of comparison and criticism can take its toll on the way women and men view their bodies.

Pinterest, a popular social media site, is filled with pictures of thin, trim, perfectly dressed women. Social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would have us believe that’s how we’re supposed to look — and if we don’t, well that’s just a big, fat fail.

Luckily, that’s a lie.

So I made the pledge to try and change the stream of negative self-talk. It’s not an easy task, but one I believe is worth the struggle. True, it’s an inner struggle, but I thought if I feel this way, surely others do as well. So I turned to the Internet to ask it to do what it does best: Rally.

Now I’m asking women and men everywhere to take the #pinterestpledge and start talking kindly to themselves.

The #pinterestpledge is an initiative to remind men women everywhere to start loving their bodies. It’s a personal pledge to start speaking kinder to our bodies. You are beautiful, and you should know it. 

Take the pledge. Share an unfiltered, unphotoshopped picture of yourself to social media and let the positive self-talk flow.

After all, you are enough.


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