I’m Emmilie

I am a girl. Who loves a boy. And sometimes I write about it.

Also, I’m Mormon.

And a journalist.

And an irrational *NSync fan. Also Ke$ha. And Death Cab.

I’m mostly just learning. At life. So I don’t feel bad if anything on this blog is “sub par.” Because my life is imperfectly beautiful and I plan to document a solid 82 percent of it.

Here’s the important things to know about me:

I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Montana. Now I write another blog for prospective missionaries.


And that’s where I met my husband, Eric. We really like each other.


And sometimes we dance.


We got married in the Mesa Arizona Temple.

dance 2

And well, we’re just in love.


Oh, I graduated from BYU-Idaho. That was important.


And just as important is my love for Diet Coke. And in this photo, donuts.

dance 5

I love my family dearly.

dance 6

And my new family.

dance 7

But mostly him. And us. Because we’re a family now. And it’s the happiest.


It’s good to meet you.


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