I’ll call you Caitlyn


I, along with the rest of social media, have watched the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner debate unfold over the past couple of days.

Some of what I have read has been kind. Some has not.

And it’s left my mind spinning.

I cannot relate with Caitlyn or the rest of the Jenner family.

I have never struggled with transgender feelings. As far as I know, neither has anyone in my immediate family. Or extended family.

But what if they did?

What if it was my father? My daughter? My brother?

I’d like to believe I’d treat them with love. Truthfully, knowing so little about a transgender lifestyle, that’s all I could do. Love them.

I am not related to the Jenners.

Nor is it my responsibility to judge their actions. Do I form my own opinions about the situation? Sure. Do I have strong beliefs about it? Yes.

At the end of the day, it’s true: I am not my brother’s keeper.

But as someone wise recently said, I am my brother’s brother.

Or in this case, my sister’s sister.

Right now, it doesn’t matter how I feel about transgender issues. It doesn’t matter how I feel about same-sex attraction. Whether I share my opinion or not, it’s not going to change the fact that Bruce Jenner has asked to be known as Caitlyn Jenner.

What matters is how I act.

I’m not trying to glorify the transgender lifestyle. The media has done that enough.

I am talking about love. About kindness.

I’ve never regretted being kind. I can’t imagine that would change with the newest cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

But I offer this caveat. Showing love toward someone does not mean I agree with their actions. It does not mean I agree with their lifestyle. I believe in the family. But that shouldn’t get in the way of kindness.

In fact, kindness was how I first came to know my Savior, Jesus Christ.

My family was introduced to the LDS church when I was five.

Before my parents were officially baptized into the church, I attended meetings with my aunt, Marney.

I loved going to church. I loved attending Primary, the children’s Sunday school.

I trilled with excitement each week as we learned new songs that came with fun, sometimes silly hand gestures.

The first song I learned while attending my beloved Primary class was simple.

“If you don’t walk as most people do, some people walk away from you, but I won’t. I won’t.

“I’ll walk with you, I’ll talk with you, that’s how I’ll show my love for you.”

This was my favorite song for years.

I have never struggled with transgender issues.

I have struggled with depression. With anxiety. With the pain of making bad choices.

I’ve struggled through a parent’s divorce. Through countless personal battles fought within the depths of my own heart.

Through them all, I had people who embodied the lesson I learned as a child.

They walked with me, they talked with me. That’s how they showed their love for me.

I don’t understand why God gives some of his children trials that are viewed so controversially.

I don’t know why God gave me the trials I’ve had.

But I do know that he sent a Savior to be the example for us.

A Savior who teaches 5-year-olds and 50-year-olds to love one another.

And so, to the woman I’ll never meet, I say this.

I’ll walk with you. I’ll talk with you. I’ll call you Caitlyn.

That’s how I’ll show my love for you.


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  2. What a lovely and refreshing response. You and I are entitled to our own opinions, but those opinions don’t give us the right to be rude and unloving towards others. “As I have loved thee, love one another.” Thanks for sharing.

    • I honestly don’t think people are so upset with the fact the he is deciding to be a she, I think what’s disturbing about the whole thing is that she is being recognized as a hero. She is nothing in the since of a hero. My husband is paralyzed from the neck down and on a daily people say I’m a hero and I simply respond with, my husband is a hero because he literally fights for his life daily, my brother in-law is a firefighter and risks his life to save others, and the dr who have saved my husbands life multiple times… Those are hero’s. Not a millionaire who used medical procedures to change who he is. I feel that’s the real reason people are so upset. Just my two cents

      • SHEs a hero to me for blazing a trail for transgender people. I grew up LDS and have always known I was a woman. I have been paralyzed by fear of rejection, physical abuse, and loss of my job. I have only recently been able to face who I am by seeing people like HER supported.. By bringing this real issue to the forefront, transgender people can avoid being marginalized or worse. They can take a step at being treated equil.

      • With the suicide rate among the transgender population being around 50%…they are fighting for their life. So if you are defining hero as someone who is fighting for their life then clearly Jenner is a hero.

      • It’s funny how everyone wants to turn this into ‘he/she isn’t brave, he/she isn’t courageous, he/she isn’t a hero’ ….do you not see what is going on in this world?? All the suicides and hate crimes because people just want to be THEMSELVES?! In this day and age it is in fact courageous & brave for you to be yourself, knowing the backlash and hate and negative comments and remarks you will receive for it….because you go against the tide and what most consider ‘normal’. I would bet that if this were a 10 year old girl who decided to wear boy clothes to school because she likes them and feels more comfortable in them, than she does in her own girl clothes, she would be recognized for being brave….yet for some reason just because of the reputation of the Jenner/Kardashian family has, along with their wealth and fame, people can talk down and belittle Bruce/Caitlynn. It’s despicable if you ask me. Let us all love one another, let us all get along and realize that being ‘brave’ or being called a ‘hero’ CAN BE more than just someone who served in the freakin army or navy or was a firefighter or cop.

  3. Beautiful response!! Thank you for truly being Christ-like! signed: a Lesbian Mom with grandchildren and former Mormon

  4. If we are to look at this case from an eternal perspective, which I think you believe in, one would have to argue that if we truly loved Bruce Jenner we would want him to know TRUTH. He is a man, eternally loved by the God that created him to be a man. He will eternally be a man. I have three children and I try to live in reality. I want them to live in reality. He is a man and I will not pretend to love him by calling him a woman. I can show him love even if I still know he is a man. Why must we play the game in pretending he is a woman. It does no one any good, least of all him.

    • We have no idea if he was truly created as a man or woman. There is plenty of scientific evidence that transgender individuals exist. Caitlyn Jenner maybe the answer from God to Bruce Jenner. We don’t know – and who are we to second guess someone else’s answers.

      • God gives us precisely what we need to grow and stretch and become better and stronger. An LGBT struggle is no different. However… once we receive what we have been given it is only fair for us to continue to seek after why it was given to us. To seek after the empowerment we’ll receive when we find what it is God intended. God is a god of love and mercy, however, He is also a God of order. Order defines that God intended Caitlyn to be a man. Caitlyn could not see the order in it so she made choices that made more sense to her… A God of mercy still loves Caitlyn just the way she is. A God of order created Bruce and intended for Bruce to remain just as he was, but will love Caitlyn with the same Godly love. God has given me experiences that help me to better understand both sides of the story and thereby better connect with and truly see the people within. He has also asked of us to be willing to put off the natural man and the desires within that just seem natural, for the sake of eternal progression. This is the piece I believe Caitlyn misinterpreted. However, if she desires to be Caitlyn, then that is precisely who we should accept her as. And I will with no question.

      • There are transgender individuals due to genetics, which by the way are beyond man’s capacity to change. He is biologically and genetically defined as a man. People can call him a woman if they want, but in the end there’s no denying that he is a man. A male’s brain developes differently than a female’s brain with many defining characteristics, so unless these dominating factors are altered, he has only changed his appearance.

      • Rachel you really have no idea? He is scientifically a man, 100%. If you believe that gender is fluid then I guess you will have no idea. I do not believe gender is fluid. I believe that gender is eternal. Bruce procreated as man. He is a Father eternally. What happens to his role of father if he is a woman eternally? He is not going to magically turn into a woman eternally. He has created something as a man. He will eternally be a father. God is a God of order and operates from all truth. I have two choices here I can either pretend that Bruce Jenner is a woman because I am not going to second guess his feelings and answers or I can live in reality and know that he is a man. We don’t get to chose our gender by how we feel. God has already chosen it for us.

    • Thank you. Her last several sentences bothered me.

      Everything else is great and true. We need to be loving and Christlike.

    • I agree that we want to share truth. Some people do not recognize it or want to believe it to be truth for various reasons. That is their choice. As followers of Christ, sometimes all we can do is live our lives according to what we believe and love others as Christ loved and taught. It is for us to show God’s love to everyone and it is for God to sort out in the end.

  5. Bawling. Just bawling. As someone who is also LDS, I’m so grateful to read a post that made me feel love and not the opposite. As I mentioned in another forum (which I feel bears repeating here), is that her family may be going through a lot of those same emotions that many who have followed her story, have (i.e. they may not understand completely and may even have some fears and questions), but it appears that there has been a lot of counseling and love between each of them, and what a wonderful thing. I’m of the standpoint that every single individual on this planet deserves love and respect, including her (Caitlyn). I don’t think any one of us can understand the depths and struggle and heartache and torment that would accompany what it would feel like to have one’s gender identity that does not match their assigned birth sex. We have no idea, NO IDEA what Bruce (now Caitlyn) endured day after day, week after week, year after year, both mind and body. With that being said, I’m in no place to judge her (are we ever??) and hope that she and her family are happy and adjusting well. I don’t have all of the answers on this topic, but one thing I have learned via transgender friends, is they are absolutely the same individual inside; one that is part of our family….both human and spiritual. For us to treat them any differently than anyone else is not only heartbreaking but not what Christ would want, IMHO. I’m of the opinion that we need to extend tenderness, love, and respect, while cultivating a spirit of empathy and open discussion, so we can understand each other better….because when we do, we LOVE each mother MORE. And isn’t that why we are here?? To love and serve our fellow brothers and sisters? For those wanting a bit more info, this article is also a great read: http://www.nomorestrangers.org/transgender-children-an-easy-way-for-the-lds-church-to-get-it-right/. Thank-you, dear Emmilie, for your post. I’ll walk with Caitlyn, too. ❤

  6. As someone that has a brother going through the male to female transition, this is spot on! I love her so much and respect the choices that she is making. I don’t agree with them necessarily, but my place as her actual brother is to love her and let her know and see that. Thank you for putting my feelings into words!

    • Preston, good for you. You see that the one thing your sibling needs from you is love. I hope your relationship with each other continues to grow and strengthen. Much love to both of you.

  7. A compassionate and thoughtful response. Brava to you for sharing it. I did want to share my own thoughts about your comment about the trials God gives his children. I don’t know that He gives this kind of trial to us. We live in a fallen world, and burdens and challenges come – I feel He allows them, sometimes, and can help us through them, but I personally do not believe he ‘gives’ this kind of trial. It is something that happens because of the imperfect, fallen world we live in, but I do not believe it is His doing, even if it is something He could foresee would happen. I hope that makes sense. I may be wrong. Still, I think there is a difference between ‘gives’ and ‘allows’. He allowed many saints to perish, for example, but He didn’t cause it.

    • You are so right. Each of us are given choices we make. With each choice comes consequence. The consequences are not of Gods making,they are eternal. He cannot not change the consequence without our active participation through the atonement. Just like he cannot withhold blessings fot right choices. He cannot have our experience, we have to have it for ourselves, that is how we progress or digress in this estate. We come here to overcome this world and mans ways. We are also to love everyone, but that does not mean we condone their choice. But we do love them.

  8. Trevor, I totally agree. To the writer: Do you need to write an article because you decided to be a decent human being? And in what way does the media “glorify” being trans? The only trans person that I have seen receive such glory is Caitlyn, but without a doubt, only because her name is attached to the Kardashian family. The majority of the media is not glorifying it at all. Accepting it, maybe, but is there anything wrong with that? It almost sounds like you certainly seem to think so. And as far as God giving his children ‘controversial’ challenges and you having a hard time wrapping your mind around that, there is NOTHING wrong with being gay. Or trans. Or anything on the LGBTQ spectrum (because there are SO many more that I’m missing). You know what I have a hard time wrapping MY mind around when it comes to God? Why he would create children that live just to die of hunger, poverty, disease. Why he created parts of the world, and people to live there, that are void of clean drinking water. Why he created children that are abused, or why he even created child abusers in the first place. Keep up your simplistic thinking, and your praise for yourself. Good job on being a decent person and realizing that someone else’s choices are none of your own business and that you should meet people with respect and kindness, whether their lifestyle choices agree with yours. I learned those things when I was three, although I guess I did get the benefit of thinking for myself, what with not being brainwashed by religion and all.

    • Claire, So does your acceptance of LGBTQ end there? What about incest if consensual? Or Beastiality? Or 8 year old girl being married off? (She is OK with it, her Dad accepted it because that is what is taught) Do you get my point? For many thousand years giving in to feelings of same sex attraction or the like has been considered sin. It is only recently that it has been accepted as normal by a large percent of society. This is Moral Relativism which is to say there is not right or wrong. No higher law. Only what is popular opinion of the day. So if you accept what has been considered sin for so many thousand years to be consistent you must also accept other things that maybe you are not ready to accept yet. I believe in God and his laws. I believe in right and wrong. I believe He loves unconditionaly all people and has asked us to do the same. That does not mean accepting sin as a good thing. I choose to love and accept all people but not all choices. That does not make me a hater:) I’m sure you are the same you just have a differing opinion on what is sin and what is not. I hope this makes sense.
      – Kristina

      • Your parallel of transgender or homosexuality to beastiality or incest is no different than paralleling ISIS or Extreme Fundamental Religion (Warren Jeffs) to religion as a whole.

        How narrow minded.

      • IAlisa I think you misinterpret. I realize beastuality and incest are more extreme than trans and homosexual. But there are subsets of people who think that those practices are normal and you better believe they are watching the furthering of the acceptance of homosexual behavior. They want their day to come too. There is definantly a scale of extremism and also with sin there are worse things you could do but sin is still sin regardless of the severity. And to the majority of the world homosexual behavior is considered sin probably as extreme as beastiality is to you homosexual behavior is to a lot of people. Why not love and respect each other anyway though? Why not find common ground? Why bash each other and make condescending comments like “how narrow minded”? I was mearly trying to explain to Clair how a lot of people view the behavior of sex with the same sex. That doesn’t mean we hate them or can’t be friends. I also view sex outside of wedlock as sin but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand or hate someone who accidentally has sex in a moment of passion or decidedly decides to have sex. I understand if someone has same sex attraction how hard that would be. I also don’t think having attraction toward the same sex is sin. Just like in a moment of despair over mounting medical bills someone might say I wish I could rob a bank and get rid of this burden. That is not a sin but then to actually plan it out and follow through and do it would be. My point is we all have differing moral compasses based on a miraid of things. I just hate to see people bashing and hating one another for it. Let’s just love each other. I know I’m not perfect and have done stupid things in my life even things that go against what my moral compass tells me is right but I hope people will still respect and love me anyway even if they perceive my choices as sin. I really don’t dislike gay people. They are some really caring people because of what they have had to go through in being bullied and such. They can have real empathy for outcast and discriminated people.

    • Whether you have religion, believe in God or in another higher being. Here is the real problem as I see it. Society is recognizing Bruce (Caitlyn) as a hero. This is what I don’t understand. To me a hero is someone who puts their life above another. A hero is someone who sacrifices their time and family to protect our country. A hero is an abused child overcoming fear and depression to become a loving mother. A hero is my dad serving in Vietnam and with help from other servicemen opening a toy store where children who were casualties of a war could receive a free toy. To publicly award someone for making the choice to change their gender is my issue. He or She it’s not a hero, and should not be touted as such. To love and accept sure, I’ll be tolerant but please, a hero?

      • I agree so much Sheila. Does simply doing an action society has been against for centuries make you a hero? No, absolutely not. Being a hero is defined as someone who sacrifices for others, not someone helping further themself. I really do feel for people that struggle with these issues, and we must treat them kindly and Christ-like and show them that we will continue to love them, but we are doing no favors to them by showing support for actions of theirs we know goes against God’s divine plan. God will continue to love them, as we need to, but our encouraging them will only inhibit their eternal progression. Christ wouldn’t want us to do this- he wouldn’t have us shun them, but he would want us to lovingly support them to return to the life-style that allows them to experience the blessings of God’s plan of Happiness for us.

      • There are so many different kinds of hero’s and with Caitlyn being a hero, does not in any way, shape or form diminish those that you have mentioned and you are right, those ones that you mentioned are all hero’s as well.

        Did you know that 50% of transgender children commit suicide? Those kids that are fighting with their insides not matching their outsides got a hero today and maybe, just maybe they will make it to adulthood as wonderfully adapted people, because of Caitlyn.

        I personally have a very dear friend who has a transgender son that is in his early teens. Believe me, she has struggled through this, but you know what, she has become informed and educated about transgender and as a wonderfully unexpected gift, she has taught me and informed me and I am eternally grateful.

        So the question of whether Caitlyn is or is not a hero is, absolutely yes, she is a hero. Why? Because she has helped further the conversation. Hopefully, it will make people take the time to be educated and informed about this.

        Also, for those that say this is against God’s plan, I highly recommend you read this article from a youth minister, if you are brave enough to. http://momastery.com/blog/2015/04/28/letter-to-a-teen/

  9. Beautifully written. Your feelings are much like my own and you expressed them beautifully with love and graciousness. All I could say was how awful that someone has felt this way for some 60 years and was desperate to be who he felt he had ALWAYS been, before the end of his life. It is a sad story about a sad life. Hopefully, he will find peace in his decision. And, by the way, you were not condescending at all.

  10. I just don’t think diving into psychosis is showing kindness. I like to think that if a person who ends up hating themselves this much had only met Christ-like people who accepted them before this became an issue, it wouldn’t have become an issue.

    Unlike people want to portray it, this mental illness does stem from somewhere. Very often it is rooted in early mistreatment. And pretending that it doesn’t just opens doors for more people, sometimes even parents, to mistreat, confuse and abuse children.

    Pretending that you believe a man is a woman because he wants you to believe it– how does that have anything to do with kindness? Believing, and sharing the belief, that the Family Proclamation says about our gender being divinely inherent… how is that unkind? I don’t think denial- lying to someone- has anything to do with kindness. I think the most unkind thing we’ve done is to deny these people who hate themselves so badly, a society that is founded in sanity. We’re overwhelming our delicate spirits with so much twisted truth, we can’t stand up straight. I think fighting for a better world to live in is the kindest thing we can do for those who are struggling.

    I’ve lost people, and watched others lose people, to this confused thinking, and it wasn’t for lack of acceptance. They all had deep-rooted mental issues. It was because truth is truth, and wickedness really, truly never was happiness. These people were victims of a wicked society teaching them that happiness can come in packages other than Christ-centered ones, and literally warping their minds. Chemically altering them into depressed states. My missing loved ones were completely focused on themselves- just like the entertainment industry wanted them. And they imploded in their misery. So many of these people- surrounded by people who know what true love is, and are giving it everyday- don’t feel it because they are focused inward.

    I just can’t accept that kindness has anything to do with denying what you know is right. Love can tell the truth.

    • I’m guessing (from your idiocy) that you are cis and straight. Being trans*, genderqueer, genderfluid, asexual, bisexual, red with pink spots, or however else someone chooses to identify themselves is not a mental illness. Nor is accepting the changes someone has made to themselves lying to them.

      You don’t see a friend with a hair cut and say, “I don’t accept that you have short hair. I’m going to continue pretending you have long hair”, just because it makes your little bubble easier.

      Bruce is now Caitlyn. If Bruce had changed his name to Sam, you wouldn’t have an issue. So the fact she has changed her name to Caitlyn isn’t either.

      • I love this! So from what you have said you can’t “pretend” that someone has cut their hair when you can obviously see they have cut their hair. Science could prove they have cut their hair. BUT we should “pretend” that Bruce is Caitlyn even though scientifically we can prove that Bruce is not a woman. You make absolutely no sense but Summer is the idiot?

  11. Don’t chromosomes matter? I would think that two xx chromosomes bs an xy chromosome would make a difference. Il call you Caitlyn, sure, but I sure won’t call you a man or woman when your chromosomes say otherwise. I’m not going to lie for you. Nor am I going to accept you as a woman when your chromosomes are x and y. that day you are finally able to change your chromosomes is the day I will call you what you are. Bature gives you what you are. You may feel more feminine (or what you call feminine) rather than masculine (or agian what you call masculine) but that will never change what two chromosomes say. I will support you in you struggles, and try and offer comfort, but I won’t support self-mutilation and counterfeit creations and you forcing me to accept you as something science says you are not via chromosomes. That is an attack on reality. Moreover if you disregard the science then you have absolutely no right to attack those of religious faith for their beliefs and all you become is a hypocrite. You think what you believe is more important than the other persons belief.

    • No georgerandolph88 chromosomes don’t matter anymore! Scientific fact and biology does not matter anymore. The only thing that matters is how we feel and apparently we all get to choose what gender we are by how we feel on the inside. This truly is an attack on reality!

      • You do all realize that you are bringing science into a very religious discussion. Science indicates your God does not exist and that we evolved from apes. You don’t get to pick and choose the scientific facts to fit your religious beliefs. And just to be clear, there ARE scientific studies proving that the brain synopsis of those I transgender, lgb, bestiality, pedophiles, heterosexuals, etc are very different (and no I don’t equate lgbt to pedophiles). The attraction they feel for whatever they are attracted to can be scientifically seen in mris. So please, before we talk about only “feelings” matter, remember that your faith, is based on something you feel and believe. Nothing scientifically proven. And the same science you want to quote for the reason he is not a she (chromosomes, brain development, etc) also proves that evolution of man exists…And proves nothing of our God.

      • MelissaMarie, I am more than happy to bring science into the discussion. Last time I checked it was called the THEORY of evolution. It is not scientific fact that we come from apes. But feel free to believe what you want to believe. You can even believe that Bruce Jenner is now Caitlin Jenner, but it still won’t ever make him biologically a woman! I would also like to add that science has never proven that God does or doesn’t exist. But it can 100% prove that Bruce Jenner is a man!

      • You must not have heard that you can have female genitals and feel female and have male chromosomes. And the reverse is true. This is surprisingly common and was even featured as a situation in a House episode.

        Intersexed people are common enough, have been around forever, in all cultures, and destroy the binary that the church sets up. And it helps to explain how some people feel trans. http://www.isna.org/faq/what_is_intersex

        Also, blogger, it would be great if you could stop saying “transgender lifestyle”, like it’s just a choice as much as religion is a choice or living in Bali or homeschooling. It’s considered to be deeply offensive and if you say this to trans people you immediately don’t sound like an emotionally safe person to be around.

      • Evolution isn’t a theory in the way you are thinking. This is just scientific wording that you are confusing with folk language. When we use “theory of” in science, we don’t mean, “This is just an idea, who knows, we could be wrong.” We still refer to the Theory of Gravity, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t figured it out, mostly if not entirely. Evolution IS proven.

    • Nope. Chromosomes don’t matter. Please see my comment, if it gets posted, about intersex people. MANY people’s chromosomes don’t match their genitals.

      Sex and gender are different and have been treated differently all around the world. Third gender people exist in many cultures.

  12. Thank you Emmilie. That was a beautiful post. Your example of kindness is a warm light in a sometimes dark world.

    Don’t worry about those that are dissing you. I like to think of it this way. Your post expresses love in spite of admitted potential disagreement or lack of full understanding about Caitlyn’s situation. Comments that harshly judge or dismiss you vividly demonstrate the contrast between your beautiful approach to this and an approach lacking empathy and compassion.

    Cheers to you,

  13. I totally agree in regards to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner the person. It hurts my heart to read unChristlike comments directed to a person most of us have never even met or know. That said, I do think it does get tricky when a choice is made so publicly with the intent of creating a “new normal.” We are all part of the same society and it I think it’s incredibly discouraging when you feel like your personal beliefs aren’t being represented or respected. Thanks for the post!

  14. I’d hope that people would respect my beliefs enough to not expect me to pretend to harbor theirs. Respect goes both ways.

  15. There are universal heroes, individuals we can all recognize as heroes (Batman, Phil Coulson, Johnny Lawrence). There are also individual heroes, people that inspire me as an individual and make me want to be a better me. My heroes are not your heroes, and yours definitely aren’t mine, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t heroes just the same. If Caitlyn’s story helps even one struggling teen step back from the brink of suicide then I’ll call her a hero, even if she isn’t mine.

  16. Awesome post! I love how you worded this! Kindness is the best! The only thing I would disagree in is that I don’t believe that we were necessarily given specific weaknesses. We are all exposed to the same things however due to our upbringing and the agency that the people around us make, we perceive things differently.I had depression as well, because of the way I was raised and the people around me, I was more susceptible to believing or not believing certain things about myself and in turn it soon became something that was beyond my control. We are all consequences of each other because the actions we make and the choices our parents have made affect us. We are victims of circumstance.

    To the people that say that God doesn’t exist, the lack of proof is not proof itself. And yet people accept evolution without having even read Charles Darwin’s book or have any concept of evolution itself. Science and religion have BOTH been wrong in the past because we are only humans trying to decipher truth and if you do not accept that then you need to read a history book. People “believe” the media or what is being a socially accepted idea without understanding the concept and science itself.. Very similar to believing a priest who talks about the bible and the individual not having read it. We can clone people and animals, have 3D printers that can duplicate organs, and yet we do not believe that there is someone with an all knowing intelligence that created us with a science far beyond our understanding. We are in a culture that is obsessed with the self with no regards with how others feel. We don’t have all the answers so let’s work together instead. We are here to make choices, to gain mastery over our intelligence and physical beings, and to love and care for others because we are eternal beings.

  17. Dear commenters, stop disguising your ugly hatred for people who aren’t like you as love and acceptance. You’re not fooling anyone. On a side note, I wonder how many of you have taken an anthropology class. May clear some things up for you and open your eyes a little to gender roles in society. Men have been transitioning to women in many cultures for thousands of years and have been accepted for doing so. In some cultures there are even three genders. But oh that’s right, I forgot, there’s only one right way to live, and that’s yours, because your logic is more feasible than the majority of the planet, because you’re special.

    • Jamie, disagreeing with someone is not hatred. You can disagree with someone and still show them love and compassion. I will never pretend that Bruce Jenner is a woman but that doesn’t mean that I hate him. Most of the commenters on here have not been hateful in any way. Since when did disagreeing with someone mean that you hate them?

  18. I am so done! can we move on from this? Having said this if this had been a nobody we wouldn’t be hearing of this in today’s world.

  19. I love the sentiment, but I think it’s important to make one point clear — We ARE our brothers’ keepers.

    “Are we our brothers’ keepers? In other words, are we responsible to look after the well-being of our neighbors as we seek to earn our daily bread? The Savior’s Golden Rule says we are. Satan says we are not.” – Dallin H Oaks, “Brother’s Keeper”

    Also from Oaks (same talk): “As we seek to be our brother’s keeper, we will be attempting to follow in the footsteps of the Master.”

    “The question Cain asked of the Lord, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ has been answered by prophets in these latter days. ‘Yes, we are our brothers’ keepers,’ President Thomas S. Monson has said. When we work together to benefit those in need, ‘we eliminate the weakness of one person standing alone and substitute the strength of many serving together. While we may not be able to do everything, we can and must do something.'” – Joseph B. Wirthlin, “Finding a Safe Harbor”

  20. You’ll call her Caitlyn? Her name? Wow. Do you want a pat on the back?

    Don’t confuse being polite and decent human being with being loving. Calling Caitlyn “Caitlyn” is not loving her as jesus would…I mean… how do you even figure that?? I can’t comprehend.

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