Punkin’ heads

Hello again, blog.

It’s been a long time. And because I have a to-do list a mile long today, I’ll have to skip the lengthy update and simply to with this.

The highlight reel:

• Em’s teaching a class at BYU-Idaho and is a reporter and designer for the paper.
• Eric’s working at Flips gymnastics and Broulim’s.
• We’re still in Rexburg.
• We’re still in love.
• We now have fish.

That about sums it up.

And speaking of Rexburg, Southeastern Idaho is really killing this fall. October has been magnificent. We’ve celebrated with an embarrassing amount of candy corn, crock pot meals, #rocktober and Netflix.

We are also pretty excited for Halloween this year. Our costumes are going to be epic. Today we went to the pumpkin patch in Rigby. Unfortunatley, we realized we had forgotten our wallets… so we snapped a few photos at the patch, and picked up our pumpkins at Broulim’s.

Hope you’re having a magical October as well.

Here’s to one of our favorite months of the year.

2014 pumpkins 7 2014 pumpkins 5 2014 pumpkins 1 2014 pumpkins 4 2014 pumpkins 6 2014 pumpkins 32014 pumpkins 8


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