Glamping, reception dancing and the joy of memorilaizing

I looked at my calendar for May today and was suddenly tired.

What a month.

It’s been so beautiful and so busy all at once.

Eric and I have been actively trying to fill our time with good things. Bye bye, Netflix.

And the result has been so fulfilling. We have served at the temple, built great relationships with dear friends and gotten sexified at the gym. We feel great about all of these things.

I also feel great that Southeastern Idaho is starting to get with the program and Spring is finally here.

Our first weekend in May we packed up and hit the road to Mud Lake, Idaho.

It was beautiful.

The 45 minute drive out of Rexburg was refreshing. It’s drives like that one that remind me why I fell in love with Idaho in the first place. And Spring was just totally nailing it. Life is literally flowing back into the land – the rolling hills and endless fields – and I find myself completely mystified by them each time I see their beauty. I love you, Idaho.

Our besties, Brennan and Emily met us at the Mud Lake Wildlife Preservation, and after some accidental offroading, we found our campsite. It was $Free.99 and we got to campy by the dock of the lake. We saw some birds I couldn’t possibly tell you the names of and about a gazillion bees. Eric Whitlock informed us that they were leaf-cutter bees. Apparently Montana taught him right in the bee department.

Thankfully, BYU-Idaho lets you rent just about any outdoorzy equipment you could imagine. (Except fishing gear…) So we were fully equipped with the cutest two-man tent. Our air mattress took up the entirety of the tent and it was the funnest sleepover I’ve ever had with my best friend and dearest love.


Mud Lake. She’s a beaut, ain’t she?



What a cutie. And thank goodness for air mattress pumps. And cars.





Hi. Meet Brennan and Emily. They are our best friends and I can’t imagine Rexburg without them. Too bad we’ll have to when the move to Connecticut for the Fall! We’ll miss you, Puidas! Come back to us soon! #puitlocksforever


Camping selfie.

Because fabulous camping in fabulous.

IMG_4440 IMG_4439



Clearly, Emmilie is loving this whole outdoors thing.


Every come see how cute they are.


And how pyro they are. It’s fine. Also, please note the joy on Eric’s face. Priceless.


This happened for breakfast and no one was mad about it.


Especially him. Just really livin’ life.

This was one of the better camping trips I’ve taken. Love you Em and Brenz. We went camping again over Emily’s birthday to Green Canyon Hot Springs in Newdale, Idaho. It was fantastic. The hot springs were so great, especially in the chilly rain, and we had a great time practicing our Spiderman poses underwater. Don’t worry. It’s a thing.

Thanks for letting us celebrate your birthday with you, Em! Hope it’s a great year for you!

On Sunday, Eric and I returned back from a long weekend in Arizona for one of our favorite couple’s wedding. It was a perfect trip.

We flew in Thursday night and Eric was reunited with his best friend, Jordan Taylor. This was significant for me, because I have only ever seen pictures of Jordan and Facetimed him. Jordan recently returned from a two-year mission in Chile, preaching about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. While I wish dearly that he could have been at our wedding, I’m so grateful for his service and sacrifice.

I saw another side of my dear husband as he met up with is best friend. For the first time in our marriage, I suddenly felt a little jealous and all weekend I referred to Jordan as “the other woman.” #onlykindofkidding #bromance

We love you Jordan. Come visit us!

Afterward, we met up with the bride and groom, Bri and Nathan, for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. It was a good day.

photo 2 (2)

After a great day of relaxing and shopping on Friday, (that H&M though) Eric and I went to the temple with some of Eric’s family. It was so beautiful to be in the temple with family we love so dearly. Though it wasn’t the whole Whitlock clan, (we missed those who couldn’t make it this time) I felt the spirit so strongly, testifying that families are eternal and that the pure love of Christ is what binds us together. I am so blessed to have such amazing in-laws.

photo 3 (2)

Because the Whitlocks know how to party, on Friday night, Eric and I showed off our lip syncing skills, taking home first and second place. #wedoweddings

Sometimes I forget that I married the boy-version of myself. I feel so great about it.

Nobody parties but us. And every other Whitlock.

photo 3 (1)

On Saturday morning, I got my nails did with the girls and Eric tried to get into a local gym. #doyouevenliftbro? Well, not that morning because he couldn’t get in. Poor soul. So he hung out with the girls at the salon. Good thing they all love him too. Then we were able to visit his grandfather, Wayne, the sweetest man and epitome of a missionary, in the hospital. We’re sending prayers your way from Idaho, Grandpa Wayne! We love you!

Nathan and Bri’s sealing was later that afternoon in the Gilbert Temple. Guys. It was beautiful. I’ve cried at every sealing I’ve ever been to. (None were as bad as my own though… #boogercry) It’s a trait that Eric tells me is very endearing. I just think I’m a boob.

Either way, thank you forever, Nathan and Bri for inviting us to be a part of your special day. What a beautiful, sacred ordinance. You two are such a powerhouse couple. I can’t wait to see what good you bring to the world. We love you.

photo 5 (1)

A little secret about Emmilie Whitlock – I love wedding receptions more than is probably healthy. They are so fun, and generally, filled with people I love. And nothing is better than celebrating two friends who are in love.

It’s also an excuse to dance with my handsome husband, something that tops the charts of my favorite things to do.

And while I’ll probably never get the “I’m so fancy, you already know” lyrics stuck out of my head, or about a dozen bros screaming “Turn down for what?!” out of my head, it was worth it to have the last dance of the night reserved for my husband. That was bliss. I love that man. Here’s to years of dancing into the night, Eric Whitlock.

Congrats, again, Nathan and Bri. You’ll love marriage. It’s the happiest thing I’ve ever done.

We flew back into Idaho Falls Sunday evening. And I’ll be honest. I’ve had a hard time loving Idaho as much. I fall more and more in love and enchanted with Arizona every time we visit. We may or may not have already bought tickets to go back later this summer.

One day, Gilbert will be my home. And until then, I’ll dream of endless sunsets and nights under the warm skies.

It’s funny to me how the business of this month culminated with Memorial Day yesterday. We had a barbecue with some of our friends, and started chatting about the history behind the holiday. It’s a day to remember soldiers who have fallen in the battle for freedom. How blessed I am to be able to live a life of memory-making because of these men and women.

Thank you for the freedom you have given me and everyone I have ever loved. Thank you for their sacrifice. Thank you for allowing me to have such a beautiful life filled with laughter, dancing and eternal joy.


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