Birthdays are more like a marathon than a day.

There is something so magical about taking a whole day to celebrate someone you love, why not make it last the whole week.

Eric’s birthday was this last Tuesday. I’ve been planning and looking forward to it for weeks. Honestly, probably more than he has.

Like, to the extreme. The night before, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.

Eric, the actual birthday-boy, was out like a rock minutes after we went to bed.

So… clearly nobody parties but me.

On Tuesday morning I got up earlier than I had in probably over a year. 7 a.m. It was awful. But that’s called love.

I decorated our cute little apartment with all of my finds from the dollar store and baked this divine offering of the Internet – bacon wrapped cinnamon rolls. I know. You probably just died a little. And rightly so. They are amazing.

And super easy. Cook 8 strips of bacon for about 3-5 minutes until slightly done and pink. Then, unwrap a Pillsbury cinnamon roll (I used the regular ones from the can. Also, there no such thing as unwrapping. I took scissors to the little devils.)  Place the slightly cooked bacon strip on the dough and roll it back up.

Bake as directed on the package and prepare for your life to change.


They are seriously so good. I ate two in all of their gluteny goodness.

Luckily, my husband’s superpower is sleeping, so I didn’t even worry about waking him up while I was getting everything ready. He had an early morning work meeting and a full day of classes so I knew I wouldn’t see him too much. And because everyone should have cake for breakfast on their birthday #emmiliewhitlockrule, I decided to give him the next best thing.


I don’t actually think Eric knew what was happening until I had finished singing “Happy Birthday” to him. Then he just sort of laid there. But I think he liked it.

He told me later, when he was conscious, that all he was thinking was, “What the heck did she stick a candle in?!” Eric doesn’t have a sense of smell, and he is pretty darn disoriented in the morning, so the poor guy just had no idea. But he loved it when he was awake enough to speak.  Love that guy.

He did tell me to get away from him when it first woke up. My perkiness was killing him, he said. I actually get that more often than you would think. #finewithit




And then when I couldn’t wait another minute, Eric opened his presents.








That night, we met up with some great friends for dinner at a little burger dive in St. Anthony, Big J’s. Turns out they also have fantastic pizza as well. We had a blast with some of Eric’s old roommates, mission friends and new friends from our ward here. We were so blessed to have so many amazing people celebrate with us.

But first we’ll take a massive selfie.

photo 3


I think Kheldon ordered the entire menu.






We met up with our good friends Brennan and Emily afterward for cake and ice cream, and let’s be honest, Eric’s new N64 game. Thanks, Jason for your wise guidance. He loved Smash Brothers.

Also, he’s probably the cutest ever. And turns out he never wishes for anything because he can’t ever decide. Bless him.



Emily and Brennan are the bees knees and got Eric a knife (for an upcoming camping trip) and pokemon cards. Apparently it was a great booster pack. #pokemonwife




We finished off the birthday marathon with working in the temple Wednesday night, Skeeter’s hot dogs with best friends, camping and Spider-Man 2.

But for real though, guys. I love this man so much. He is the greatest husband I could ever have hoped for and he deserves every good thing this next year.

I love you, Eric Whitlock. Thanks for giving me such a beautiful life.

Happy birthday.



2 thoughts on “#ericturns23

  1. Saying another great posting feels a bit like a minimization of previous ones. Each is excellent.
    This was such a pleasure allowing me to share your excitement celebrating Eric’s birthday and the special love you two have. What more could a very protective father ask for.
    The wife who purchases a video game, the very definition of the black hole of time, for her husband is clearly showing how much she loves him. The best part, I’ve regularly witnessed it happening both ways.
    When a couple practices this principle, only a good life is in store. Love you both.

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