Catch up

Hi. This is a little awkward. I made this blog, you see. And then never wrote on it.

Some vortex happened that sucked all of my time.

It’s called Rexburg.

We moved here in January for Eric to finish school. We are loving it.

We have a cute apartment that has a great view of Main Street and the beautiful Rexburg temple. Our home is cozy and happy and filled with love — just a few of my favorite things.

I good friend and I were recently chatting about how happy and blessed our lives are, and we expressed the need to document it.

So naturally here I am. On the Internet for everyone to see.

Please don’t mistake me.

Our life is not perfect.

Far from it, actually. Mostly because we are not perfect.

But I believe in goodness. I believe in light. And so help me, I’m going to spread as much sunshine as I can from my little corner of the world.

So this blog is dedicated to my husband, Eric. He is the joy of my life. No other soul can lift me as high as he does. I’m eternally and unspeakably grateful for him.

With that being said, here’s a little update about what’s new for the Whitlocks.


Kelly Canyon Ski Resort

The end of 2o13 was filled with boxes, Red Bulls and the exodus to Rexburg. Emmilie finished her book sales, thanks to the amazing help of Eric and Landon and Holly at H&L Publishing. We sold over 100 copies of Hipster RM. Eric often encourages Emmilie to start working on a second book, but any major writing plans are on hold for the time being.

Thanks to the help of Emmilie’s dad and step-mom, we got our copious amounts of stuff up to a frigid Idaho.

Emmilie started work on January 2 at the local newspaper, the Rexburg Standard Journal. She’s their only full-time reporter right now and is staying very busy running to school board meetings, commissioner meetings, city council meetings and planning and zoning meetings. #meetingsfordays

But she loves her work, and enjoys writing a weekly column for the paper, Quick Whit. It funny. Mostly.

Eric started school on January 6. He did awesome his first semester back, balancing a job at a local jewelry store and a full load of credits. He loved his visual media class, and created some fantastic work. Not to brag or anything, but Eric’s professor told him that his final project was one of the best in the class. #proudwife #talentedhusband

We quickly settled into our new ward with callings. Eric was called as a gospel doctrine teacher #oldtestament and Emmilie was called as the enrichment coordinator. #partyplanner.

We made some great friends in our ward, Jake and Josie, and even hit up some night skiing at Kelly Canyon.

It was a good start to our life here.


Emmilie auditioned and got accepted into a local student-led choir, From the Heart, and she and Eric spent their Sunday evenings at weekly firesides on campus. Eric was our groupie. And the choir fell in love with him.

Oscar Party 2014

Because everyone needs a little bit more glam in their lives, we had an Oscar party with our good friends Brennan and Emily. #beesknees

Please let the record show that Emmilie beat the pants off of Eric at guessing the award winners. #winnerwinner

photo 3

Also, thanks to Emmilie’s serious seasonal affective disorder, Eric was a champ at coming up with amazing things to do. Like repainting this dresser. #diy Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to making Whitlock Manor a little more like home.

Mesa Temple

Mesa Temple

At the beginning of February, we drove all night to beat an Idaho snowstorm to get to Gilbert for our friend’s wedding. #sydsfeelingchurchy

We loved celebrating with Nathan and Sydnee! We even got to do a little DJ-ing. Ain’t no thang. But first we had to take a selfie.

photo 1

For Valentine’s Day, Emmilie sent Eric on a scavenger hunt across Rexburg to find her. #whitlockfindshiswife Eric surprised Emmilie with flowers at work, chalkboard paint and a tie dye kit. We ended the night with a burger (as per tradition) and cleaning the Rexburg temple. It was a perfect first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.


Well, it happened.

photo 1

I’m pretty sure we attended this banquet/silent auction for Emmilie’s job.

It probably snowed too.


President and Sister Gardner | Sandy, Utah

President and Sister Gardner | Sandy, Utah

We started off April right with a trip to Utah for a mission reunion and General Conference. It was so wonderful to be reunited with our sweet mission president and his wonderful wife. We love the Gardners. We saw so many friends, and it felt like a heavenly reunion. We are forever grateful for Montana in our home.

Eric finished up his third semester at school with fantastic grades.

Emmilie has stayed busy with work and From the Heart. She was put into the presidency of the choir, and is keeping up their social media pages during her service as secretary to the choir.

Eric attended a sales conference for work #businesstripp #grownupjob and Emmilie was so happy to have a visit from her mom and step-dad while Eric was away.

Emmilie was released from her calling as enrichment coordinator, and very happy — albeit surprised — to accept a calling in the primary presidency of her ward.

Eric started his fourth semester. It’s been two days — that sneaky devil pulled off having all of his classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays — but he’s liking his classes so far, and really thinking about his plans for the future.

photo 3

Eric and Emmilie also started serving in the Rexburg temple as ordinance workers once a week and absolutely love it. It’s such a boost to both of our weeks.

Emmilie has been busy the last few days with auditions for her choir and keeping up publicity for that. She and Eric are thrilled with the great couples they have met through From the Heart and the good friends they are becoming.

Yes, Idaho has been good for us.

We have grown as a couple through challenges and blessings and are excited for whatever the future may hold.